Los Angeles Metropolitan Concert Update, 3/8/2020

Ted Hearne’s Place will be performed at Walt Disney Concert Hall on Tuesday, March 24th. Steve Reich’s Noon to Midnight will premiere at Walt Disney Concert Hall on Saturday, June 6th. Peter Bjorn and John will be performing at La Santa in Santa Ana on Tuesday, March 24th.

“The Last Thing He Wanted” on Netflix

In an attempt to avoid writing a completely negative review (which is against the principles of this blog) of Dee Rees’s The Last Thing He Wanted, I’ll focus on the new film’s strong suits. There is a good cast that includes Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, our national treasure Willem Dafoe, Rosie Perez, and Toby Jones. […]

The Uneven Return of Narcos: Mexico

The first season of Narcos: Mexico on Netflix was an underrated masterwork. It told the sad, true story of Kiki Camarena, a Mexican-born American D.E.A. agent who was abducted, tortured, and killed in 1985. The first three seasons of the original series Narcos had repeatedly alluded to the murder of Camarena and how horrific it […]

McQueen’s Early Days

My sister and her boyfriend were kind and generous as usual and took me to The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles over the weekend. If you’re in Los Angeles and love books then this large, organized new and used bookstore is for you. One of my discoveries at TLB was William Claxton’s Steve McQueen […]

De Palma’s Domino (2019)

I said that I wouldn’t write negative reviews on this blog so I’ll try to find something positive to say about the mess that is Brian De Palma’s 2019 thriller Domino (currently streaming on Netflix). Any superficial criticism of the film can begin with the lack of originality in the title (the late Tony Scott […]

Wise Joaquin

I didn’t plan on watching the Oscars last night. The broadcast just happened to be playing at the restaurant I was located. I’m grateful that I got to see the last handful of awards especially Joaquin Phoenix’s win for Best Actor in Joker. Phoenix, once known for abhorring the awards show circuit he was paraded […]

Outsider Arty

I’m five episodes into showrunner Richard Price’s miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s The Outsider on HBO. The premium channel is clearly looking to profit off the southern gothic whodunnit premise and aesthetic of its first season of True Detective as well as its own Sharp Objects miniseries. When a young boy is brutally murdered in […]